Tired of updating, looking for files, and keeping up with new technologies?

We can help you tame your technology!

About Us

Who is the InfoTech Tutor?


Fran White, The Infotech Tutor (ITT), is an information technology professional who is focused on the success of  the individual. The goal of the ITT is to have the client engage with technology tools at their most comfortable and productive level.

After 20+ years working in academic tech support, I recently started this small business called The InfoTech Tutor. I focus on making technology tools more understandable and easier to use. I am fluent in Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Adobe, Microsoft Office, Apple apps, Google apps, and web and social media support. 

Don’t know where your attachments and photos are? Can’t find documents, but you know you saved them? Want to learn something new? Where the heck is that "cloud" everyone is talking about? Need a hand with updates or know someone who does? 

I can help and if you are in the greater Charlottesville, VA area, I’ll come to you. Contact me at 434-394-0888, email:, or request an appointment on the website: 

How we can assist you?

Opportunities for individual or group instruction at your home or business. 

  • Individual assistance: $65/hour
  • Group instruction: $125/hour (maximum 12 persons, minimum 2 hours)

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Twitter: @infotechtutor 

Facebook: The Infotech Tutor 



Basic technology assistance:

  • Keeping up with new technologies
  • Email usage
  • Social media application selection and usage
  • Understanding and successfully downloading and uploading files
  • File organization and storage: understand and create a secure storage system
  • Personal applications: music, books, video, etc.
  • Productivity tools: Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Google Suite

Basic Computer Housekeeping:

  • Running updates
  • Maintaining security
  • Synching data between devices

Project development

  • Use of Adobe products: Audio and Video production, Web development
  • Digitizing paper images and documents
  • Home office design
  • Specialized software support
  • Freshen your resume
  • Produce powerful presentations
  • Lifelong learning

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Twitter: @infotechtutor 

Facebook: The Infotech Tutor