Individual Computer Instruction


When our devices work as we expect them to, we are very happy computer campers! When they don't (your storage is full, your password has to be changed,  there are updates to be made - oh, and if you change it on your phone you have to change it everywhere. UGH!) it's a whole different world!

We can help you by teaching, coaching, or doing. Different issues require different solutions. 

We will listen to your explanation, establish goals with you, and then get the job done!

Contact us online. 

An initial consultation will take place online or by phone at no charge. We will provide you with a project plan and an estimate at the end of that conversation.

We will then come to your home or office to work with you, staying within the scope of the project. 

Group Computer Instruction


The InfoTech Tutor can work with groups who enjoy learning together. These can be small or larger (maximum 12 participants). 

Perhaps a book club would like to consider learning about ebooks or books in the public domain. 

Groups of employees might need to brush up on their Excel or Powerpoint skills. 

Neighbors may want to get together to learn because it's always helpful to have someone else to "remember" with you!

Be sure to give us a little time to organize the event with you. It can be fun to learn together!